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I received a request for blog material from a potential constituent if I win my seat in November. I was surprised to receive such a request, since this was the only request of it's kind I have received. Her basic reason for requesting such a blog was to ask who I am, what I stand for, what is my platform, what can I do on a regional scale, how am I going to put myself out there for the next few months to show people that I'm their candidate? She also wants to share this with others if she believes it.

This is really my first attempt at doing such a thing. I am not a politician. I can start from basic question of who am I? A simple question, yet the answer to such a question is not simple. Certainly I can give out information like age: 65, sex: male, single, white, former boy scout, computer programmer. Saying these things does not really say who I am. There is no simple answer to that question. To my neighbors I might be a guy who makes delicious deserts and bakes bread and pizza. To my co-workers (when I had a regular job pre-Covid-19) I was someone who had a job for several years. Things change, times change. Today the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to fire someone based on sexual preference.

The answer to the question "Who am I?" I like is "I don't know!" Today I prepared lunch, straighten my bookshelves, washed dishes, walked the dogs, and just now sat down at my computer, read emails, paid bills, installed programs, and remembered to try writing this blog I could not finish yesterday. Each of these things I do is part of me but they don't define me unless you say they do. I am actually moving through the day constantly doing and not doing throughout the day. It's hard to come up with an answer to this question of who I am?

I bring this up because if I am to define myself I wish to do so in a way that does not limit me. I think this is the difference between a liberal and a conservative also. A conservative wants you to know where he stands. He appears to be set in time somewhere where things exist in a predictable way. Change does not come easy for a conservative. They will not like it when you say for instance, "Defund the police!" It is easy to see that spending more money for social services and school counselors would create a safer environment for many situations where now we employ under trained police officers many times leading to undesirable outcomes. A conservative typically likes to keep the status quo or regress to an earlier time. A liberal reacts I hope to the present moment or even to the future and seeks to change for the common good.

This person also asked "What can people in Carrollton do to help me {get elected to Georgia House of Representatives District 69}?" Thank you for that question! The short sweet answer is to vote for me in November. The sad truth is that we have very low voter turnout in this district. I think it is only around 25% of registered voters. Of that 25 % Republicans get 80% of the votes generally. I don't think donations are the answer though it would help if someone wants a yard sign. My truthful answer is again "I don't know!" Again I am not a politician! I am running because I am a liberal who recognizes we need change. Georgia is way behind the times for my taste but I think I am just of voice in the wilderness.

I have to say something about coronavirus. This should be the issue that buries the Republican Party this fall, but I don't think it will. Today (June 18, 2020) we lead the world in coronavirus cases and deaths. This definitely shows a lack of leadership from the top down. Rather than leading the world in deaths we should have been leading the world in prevention, finding a cure and in getting to the bottom of this crisis. I'm speaking here of conspiracy theories we all are aware of but don't mention in polite company. Again I have come back to this blog again after several days. It's July, the cases are spiking all across the US with Georgia in 5th place as far as new cases. Yesterday Georgia had 3472 new covid cases. This number grows daily roughly about 500. So tomorrow we might have 4000 new cases. We slowed this number to 500 a day during the stay at home order period. We should be practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Certainly stores should require that. Sad thing is they are not. I don't attend church now so I don't know if these people are guilty too. The sad truth is that our country is not all that great, and it's getting worse. Instead of a moral compass we are lead by money. Our greed has destroyed us. Our leader is a wolf in sheep's clothing and what is worse is that we know it! I spoke to a neighbor who pointed out he did not care as long as he was doing well financially. Our compassion is ego centered. We are spoiled. We only think of ourselves. And in all this the oligarchs are the ones winning. Those of us who have made the middle class are the guilty ones.

What I believe I am saying is that our country is Spiritually bankrupt. This is being led perhaps by true believers like what was the moral majority and later became the evangelicals. Both of these are corruptions of Christianity that did not exist to my knowledge when I became a Christian some fifty-four years ago. I was taught and still believe in a separation of church and state. If the church is to guide the soul , the state is for the body in relation to the world. For example our state says all are equal, men, women, gay, black, white. Your religion may say something different but as long as you live in this country the state is the higher authority.

Now there are about 4200 different religions in the world, more if you believe you can create your own. Or perhaps you only wish to consider a dozen or so major ones. But just take one Major one and you find several branches or interpretations. It is easy perhaps to figure out how some of these differences began but generally as children raised by families we start out doing what the family does or the family's spiritual guide. Later as we grow older and begin new families we might switch faiths or develop new beliefs.

Perhaps the state is a creation of our communal growth of our combined spirituality. A church of moral responsibility of human growth and potential. Instead of recognizing a God as leader it trusts the combined contribution of its members. It is limited perhaps to the average common denominator yet still manages to grow.

I hope that we are now raising this average common denominator beyond the likes of a man called Trump. And to think it took a couple of National Disasters to accomplish that! More importantly it hasn't completely happened as of yet. We need first to vote him out of office and to vote out his accomplices. We need to send the Republican party a message.


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